Coffee Maker Manufacturer Examines Consumers' Priorities

Coffee Machine
When it comes to coffee machines, better UI doesn’t always equal better UX.


The company used these insights to demonstrate consumers’ shifting mindset towards coffee to their shareholders. They then designed a machine that lined up with consumer priorities driving a 39% increase in sales of the redesigned machine.

A coffee machine company wanted to explore consumer perception of one-step espresso machines versus other out-of-home experiences and determine which of their user interfaces was preferred among consumers. The client tested two machines in the Dallas and Chicagoland areas: Machine A with a quick select menu and Machine B with an advanced UI.

Our Approach

We recruited 154 coffee drinkers ages 18 to 50 who purchasecoffee two to three times a week or more.

Step 1

Define Test Parameters

All consumers saw the machines in the same order –
Machine A, then Machine B. After using each machine,
consumers returned to their booth to evaluate the full
product experience.

Step 2

Gather Insights

After they have received their drink, they go back to the laptop and answer the survey, at which point, the second pair would use the machine.

Step 3

Repeat With Next Product

Consumers would then repeat the process of receiving the drink and returning to their laptops for the other machine.


According to consumer insights, Machine A was the preferred dispenser over Machine B due to the ease of use, instruction clarity, and a generally more attractive look.


As a result of the testing, we were able to determine which coffee machine was best for consumers. We recommended to the client that they use the Machine A with the quick menu. Not only did the UI test better amongst consumers, they preferred the look and ease at which it can be used. Since consumers did not see the point of the advanced UI, there was no reason for the client to continue developing it.

The client was able to use our insights and show their stakeholders that consumers are willing to adopt new methods of obtaining coffee. The product aligned with a more premium experience and the client was able to use this in marketing to sell to convenience stores. Using these insights, Curion helped set the client up for impressive market share growth with their coffee machines.