Delicious insights Zooming in on Snack Foods

Annotation 2023-08-10 105418
Meeting the needs of Zoomers by cracking into snacking insights
A large snack food manufacturing client was looking to find whitespace opportunities with new and exciting products that target Gen Z’s.


Through Curion’s research, the client harnessed the power of Gen Z’s spending reach around new snacking products that fill whitespace opportunities to delight the young Zoomer generation.

Our Approach

The client needed to deeply understand behaviors and preferences around snack foods for this generation in order to create winning market products with repeat purchases.


The client is now armed with new knowledge on the Zoomer generation and their affinity toward snacks. Whitespaces were identified around the small but noticeable gap between Zoomers and Millennials, allowing opportunities for new product development to delight this generation.

Insights gathered from Gen Z’s were able to answer key questions and topics around snack food occasions that can lead to successful new product innovations.