OAL is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

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Curion Score™ Unwraps Sweeter Product Understanding
A Fortune 100 confectionary brand wanted to launch a new flavor to an established line to create a sense of novelty and excitement with consumers. At risk of alienating current product users and fans of the brand, this client needed to determine how well the new flavor formula will perform and gain acceptance from consumers.


Using the Curion Score™, a Fortune 100 confectionery brand avoided launching an inferior and underperforming product that would have resulted in a loss of millions in revenue if they had been steered by their traditional CLT and OAL approach alone.

Our Approach

Step 1


Curion created a product-aligned insights strategy, customized to the client’s unique goals.

Step 2


A standard industry-leading study was conducted, gauging Overall Likeness (OAL) and other vital factors.

Step 3


Curion implemented its proprietary product performance metric, Curion Score™. Using Curion Score™, the team was able to capture a large span of performance metrics across over 500 million product data points across categories and markets including consumer experience elements and drivers of liking while engaging with the product.

Step 4


The product was armed with strong metrics that were benchmarked against its category dataset to reveal a composite Score and analysis.

Step 5


Backed by a rich history of data, instantaneous results were revealed and outlined in a Curion Score™ report with supporting insights.


The product flavor itself had great Overall Liking (7.4), but deeper analysis with the Curion Score™ revealed the overall product experience was not a winning proposition. 

The Curion Score™ revealed a surprising product experience perspective, uncovering new insights to the client about the product that showed its low performance relative to its category and how its weakness and risk would have caused failure at launch.


The product went back into flavor reformulation and was retested. 

A winning product was finally achieved as an extension of their established product line. 

Using the Curion Score™ for deeper insights than OAL alone, the client was able to launch a successful product as well as mitigate a financial loss and save millions of dollars in revenue.