Curion Score Powers Categorywide Perspective

Annotation 2023-02-28 140313
Differentiating separates the best from the rest​
A large CPG company wanted to better understand the potato chip category to shape and fuel its product direction. They knew they not only needed to identify the leading potato chip brands but also consider how the top players differed from one another. 


The Curion Score’s detailed category analysis informed the client of potential market threats and empowered them to respond accordingly.


  • Our Potato Chip benchmarking study showed parity in Overall Liking (OAL) among the top four performers. 
  • The Curion Score further differentiated the leading products, revealing that though the products’ OAL was at parity, competitor A’s potato chip was the superior product. 


  • Curion Score reveals all products are in the top 20% of the benchmark category database, giving new perspective never given before. 
  • Curion Score pushes beyond OAL and reveals a new insight of the true threat of Private Label.