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Curion’s PXP insights elevate a national chain’s core product to new heights

Curion reveals the possibilities of pizza with PXP breakthroughs
With a need to optimize and enhance product performance, a multi-billion-dollar national pizza restaurant chain partnered with Curion to build and conduct a long-term product improvement plan for their core menu item.


Curion’s all-encompassing PXP approach unearths loads of key insights for a national chain’s core product, empowering the client to transform and achieve superior product enhancements and brand differentiation.

Our Approach

Curion’s partnership touched across various stages to gather insights on products, performance, and consumer experiences. With a basic understanding of how their brand measured up to the competition and the overall need to improve performance, Curion’s methods collected firsthand data to inform the client of where and how to improve.

No matter what stage a product is at in the journey, we pull in our subject-matter-experts to provide key quality insights through every step of the way. 

We started at the end with Renovation, then looped around to the beginning.



Starting with Renovation, Competitive Benchmarking CLT was fielded on the top selling flavors of a core menu item to determine brand and product positioning against competitors and any advantages or disadvantages that exist across the product line.



Next, looping around to the first stage, using Advanced Analytics, we combined the power of Cluster Analysis with an Opportunity Analysis to provide the client with key Consumer Segments and a plan that enabled them to balance risk versus opportunity.

A low-risk / high-reward opportunity for product optimization on a key product attribute was identified.



CLT’s and Focus Groups were conducted to guide and create new innovation around the identified key product attribute in the pizza product build.



After more R&D developments, a digital in-context qualitative research approach was conducted, using videos and online diaries to capture real-world insights from selected test market locations and in-market competitors to validate and differentiate the product experience.



The key product element, beloved mostly by loyal patrons, became a focus in communication and advertising efforts to drive loyalty in a category heavy with brand switchers.


  • No matter which stage a product is currently in, Curion acts as an extension of your team to produce data-driven results that can reveal the best improvement opportunities.
  • Curion’s results showed new directions for further optimizations that R&D can convert into a long-term product improvement plan.