Fragrance Company Gauges Cat Litter Consumer Acceptance

The importance of odor-guard fragrance
A major flavor and fragrance manufacturer wanted to assess acceptance and purchase interest of two fragrance candidates with respondents experiencing the full product usage cycle.


Armed with consumer insights, the client launched a new and improved product that quickly gained market share out preforming the competition 2 to 1.

Our Approach


  • Delivering within the client’s limited budget.
  • Procuring and distributing product with limitations.
  • Avoid high shipping costs.

By implementing a HUT with curbside pick-up, Curion was able to avoid shipping costs while allowing safe distributions for the test product to consumers while staying within a tight budget.


Of the two cat litters tested, Curion’s research was able to identify the sample with the highest overall purchase interest for a new premium cat litter scent, as well as collect feedback on fragrance strength, quality, and performance to use in additional optimization.


The flavor and fragrance manufacturer was able to move forward with confidence that their product successfully meets the pet care brand’s brief and provide consumer delight.

Our client launched a new and improved product and was able to develop claims that grew market share over the competition creating increased brand loyalty.


Recruit requirements were outlined to include: must own at least one cat, must use scented litter, must use one of the listed brands for litter, must be responsible for changing litter.


Consumers were recruited from Curion’s proprietary database.


Participants were sent pickup protocols to pick up the sample. Upon arrival, they notified a Consumer Liaison who confirmed each respondent’s information, reviewed study protocols, instructions and milestones, and had the participant verbally agree to complete the study by the deadline.


Participants completed an initial evaluation while pouring the litter into the box using a client- supplied questionnaire.


Participants completed a second evaluation after the 5 day test period using a client-supplied questionnaire.


Results were reviewed by the Curion team and data tables and summary files were delivered to the client.