CPG Leader Learns How Consumers Enjoy Mini Chocolate In-Context

Two young females talk and laugh while eating chocolates outdoor
Uncovering the real impact of real life situations.
The world’s leading manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products partnered with Curion to understand how consumer perception, satisfaction, and consumption of their mini chocolates is impacted when consumed in different environments.


These insights highlighted how consumers feel emotionally before and after eating chocolate in different situations, illuminating opportunities in marketing language, positioning, and branding.


Our Approach

A consumer’s judgment of a product is impacted by their emotions. This means it is critical to understand the emotional state of a consumer at the moment of testing. Emotional states are fragile and situation specific, most accurately represented when testing in real life scenarios. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have consumers replicate real life emotional states during traditional methodologies like a CLT.

Curion evaluated consumption in four unique environments offered insight into context impact on product perception.






Setting drives emotions and emotions drive consumption and attitudes towards sensory attributes.

In the Real Life scenarios of WeWork and Quirks, consumers reported higher levels of stress. Why does this matter? We saw higher levels of liking and satisfaction of the mini chocolates amongst pre-recruited consumers (CLT and Immersive Environments). For those in real life, the feeling of stress and a subsequent feeling of guilt overrode their ability for enjoyment causing their liking and satisfaction scores to drop.


Consumers who plan for sweet indulgences during their day are more satisfied post consumption than those who did not plan for sweet indulgences, as they often experience feelings of guilt.

This further highlights the importance of gaining insights in-context because it’s important to understand consumers’ feelings pre and post to understand how their overall satisfaction can differ in different scenarios.