Consumer Insights Profile the Next-Level Beer Experience

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Brewmaster’s Beerovation: Unveiling the Ultimate Brew Revolution
A well-known beer brand is seeking to uncover consumer preferences in popular beers, identifying shared attributes and unique characteristics across various consumer segments. With these insights, the client can target new product development to align with diverse market demands and drive stronger consumer acceptance.


New insights that cover both shared attributes and distinctive qualities in an ideal beer across diverse consumer segments helped carve a unique position for the client to craft precisely tailored products that resonate with specific market preferences while tapping into universal beer trends.

Our Approach

  • Recruitment criteria was outlined and filtered through Curion’s large consumer database.
  • Over 500 panelists were invited to 5 different Curion facility locations.
  • Panelists committed to a 4-day session, tasting 20 popular beers currently on the market.
  • Detailed questionnaire was completed for each product.
Curion QDA®

Curion QDA® is a trained panel research method that provides measures of product sensory attributes similarities and differences.

  • A trained SME panel group gathered to fine-tune a lexicon to describe the beer products included in the test.
  • A large library of sensory terms were evaluated from categories including appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and aftereffects.
  • Each beer product was evaluated multiple times by each SME to provide a crystal-clear statistical analysis using unique four-digit blinding codes.


Armed with a deep comprehensive understanding, the client is positioned to execute winning strategies in the marketplace by crafting tailored beer offerings that appeal to specific market preferences while capturing the broader market pulse.

Compare appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel properties of popular in-market beers

Identify key attributes for ideal beer within identified consumer segment and demographic group to enhance overall consumer liking

Evaluate product performance in meeting key attribute ranges


  • Insights around nuanced and diverse perspectives of consumers were uncovered.
  • A landmine of attributes was revealed that defines the characteristics of an “ideal beer”, with top drivers of liking including sweet, fruity, and low bitterness.
  • Shared commonalities among most beer users were unveiled, along with unique preferences to Hispanic, current Gen Z beer consumers, and non-current Gen Z beer consumers.