Understanding consumer feedback on recyclable packaging in the confectionery space

Annotation 2023-09-21 102258
Unwrapping Insights for Sustainable Packaging
A large confectionery company is seeking to develop recyclable packaging for its line of chocolate candy


To mitigate the risk of alienating consumers, the brand is looking for feedback on how new sustainable packaging may impact purchase interest, product freshness, and packaging appearance.

Our Approach

Curion implemented a CLT across 5 consumer centers, where a variety of samples were evaluated among 3,000 consumer panelists.  The testing and research focused on purchase interest, package texture, package opening features, visual package attributes, and product freshness.

Shelf Set Test

Analysis around competitive shelf set, product visibility, and product perceptions

Attitudinal Interview

Analysis around attitude & usage, consumer acceptance, and purchase interest

Video Diaries

Consumers recorded their shopper journey experience, capturing first-hand insights from body language cues and direct reactions that revealed deeper insights


With this knowledge in hand, the brand can feel confident in launching this new recycled packaging.