Popular Classic Turns to “Cool” Methods

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Co-creation Brings Us Along on a Documentary With Young Adults
A popular and traditional brand of soft drinks was concerned about maintaining relevance with a younger demographic of consumers. They sought to create a new-to-its-kind and game-changing product that will create an impact among young adults. 


Desiring to connect to a younger consumer demographic, a traditional and popular soft drink brand sought game-changing solutions through Curion’s co-creation methodology. Mini-documentaries allowed us to tag along on their soft drink journey, co-creating and generating new concepts fit to be “cool” to this generation and leading to a compelling one-of-a-kind product solution.

Our Approach

Our co-creation methodology is approached with 3 crucial elements in mind to help teams produce new and unique game-changing ideas with impact:   

Element 1


Create theatre at every product touchpoint to inspire the product testers.

Element 2

Subject Matter Experts

Co-Create with a carefully selected group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help understand the category from multiple perspectives.

Element 3

Excellent Ideation Facilitation

Experienced facilitators help guide the co-creation process and know how to keep the energy moving and help participants when they get stuck.

For this soft drink brand, we invited creative young adults to create mini documentaries to express their definitions of “cool”, allowing them to “bring us along” on cool soft drink use occasions.

These documentaries were used as theatre to inspire a group of SMEs in a co-creation session.

We invited our most creative young adults to join in the co-creation in a panel Q&A and to not only generate ideas alongside the team, but also validate that the ideas are indeed “cool.” 


The client was able to learn and understand how teens and young adults think, feel and respond to different expressions of “cool”.

Dozens of ideas were generated from this methodology, ranging from low-hanging fruit to stretch ideas, and several were instantly validated as viable by consumers and the client. 


This co-creation methodology helped lead to the launch of one-of-a-kind, limited-edition packaging targeted to young adults backed by digital, social, and in-store promotion focused on individuality and sharing with friends.