Testing results in salsa brand becoming #1 in the country

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Testing results in salsa brand becoming #1 in the country
The leading producer of refrigerated salsa and dips conducted research with Curion to optimize their existing salsa product. Based on the results, Curion’s recommended changes were made and the client came back to validate their reformulated salsa product with consumers.


Curion’s CLT product testing allowed this client to optimize their existing salsa product based on data-backed insights, guiding the path to their best reformulated product that rose to become #1 salsa brand and product SKU in the country in its category.

Our Approach

Step 1

Define Test Audience

200 consumers were recruited from four major metropolitan areas according to the following criteria:

Step 2

Test Product

A variety of salsa products were tested with timed interval breaks over the course of a 60-minute session.

Step 3

Collect Insights

Participants assessed the previously tested reformulation against our client’s existing product on the market, a competitor’s product, and 2 new, untested reformulations.


The optimization efforts which resulted in the newly reformulated product were validated as a significant improvement. The newly reformulated recipe outperformed all others in terms of spiciness, fresh appeal, and overall flavor. Of the 5 salsas tested, this salsa was the best liked overall.


The reformulated salsa was introduced into the market and within a few months, became the #1 salsa brand and SKU in the country in its category.​