Authentic, In-The-Moment Insights Build Protein Bar Perfection

Protein Bar
Consumer interaction in real-life, uncompromised environments = true product understanding


In-context insights spared this CPG company from making a costly, misguided adjustment to their original product.

Protein Bar Brand Achieves More Realistic Insights From In-Context Research

The most disruptive protein bar brand in the health food industry wanted to see how their nutrition bars stacked up to their competitors. Curion first tested both brands side by side in a standard CLT setting. Wanting to expand the scope and achieve more in-depth results, Curion set out to understand how the consumers’ responses might differ under a real-life context during mealtimes and in a more natural environment.

Our Approach

A pop-up CLT ran at a Chicago area WeWork, set around snack breaks and lunch time, where the population aligned to the client’s target consumer profile – millennials who work full time.

Step 1

Select Test Audience

WeWork members were invited to stop by and taste the blind coded products and answered an online survey via QR code.


Step 2

Ensure Sample Integrity

For those WeWork members participating, a donation was made in their name to a local charity of their choice. This is to ensure those participating are genuinely interested in the product.

Step 3

Collect Impressions

Results from this pop-up study were compared to those from the side by side standard CLT to determine how context affects consumer perception.