Scents that make sense: Product testing that smells as good as we feel

Annotation 2023-06-01 093239
Can a fragrance evoke emotion?
A tech-forward and sustainable ingredients hair care company was interested in determining consumer acceptance and assessing emotional characteristics and reactions to fragrances.


Insights boost confidence in fragrance decisions year after year with sustainability in might for shampoo and hair care products.

Our Approach

Step 1

Define Test Audience

The mix of consumers recruited varied from adventurous to comfort zone product users, natural to “like natural” hair care product users, and product users open to new natural fragrance concepts.

Step 2

Test Product

Consumers were carefully selected and invited to our New York metro location to participate in a 3-day Central Location Testing (CLT). 

Step 3

Collect Insights

Consumers interacted with the products in a fragrance- and emotionally-controlled environment that mimicked a household setting. 



In a fast-moving marketplace, the client now understands the importance of innovating and developing new hair care products with a focus on efficacy.

The research and results provided a foundational overview and benchmarking program for the client to partner with Curion to repeat this study bi-annually, allowing for the client’s R&D team to develop new products for yearly launch innovations.