Insights leading to a refined and improved “blueprint” for successful product development

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Blurring the Lines Between Beauty & Health With Gen Z​
Curion BluePrint provides non-traditional and deep insights at the front end of innovation to help create a new line of premium oral beauty care products to be sold in specialty beauty stores. The result? A refined and improved “blueprint” for successful product development. ​


The client was developing a new line of premium oral beauty care products to be sold in specialty beauty stores under a new brand name and targeted to Generation Z. This new line is expected to be at the front end of innovation in a non-traditional avenue for oral care. To gain higher confidence, the client sought deep insights into possible product refinement. Research was needed to gain insights from these consumers in a non-traditional manner.  

Our Approach

Curion BluePrint was implemented for this approach to provide non-traditional results in the proper setting.

A series of highly engaging product stations were used, in which consumers ages 18-24 were exposed to communication elements (product description, benefits and ingredients) and interacted with multiple product attribute stimuli for packaging, color, flavor and texture.

Using our Curion BluePrint methodology, this concentrated co-creation environment blended focus groups and CLTs to allow consumers to interact and participate with the product in several stations and discuss the stimuli as a group in a moderator-led conversation. 


Consumers came together in an engaging setting to comfortably express their thoughts and opinions.

This was strategically designed to capture the proper context the client was seeking.

The targeted questions revealed valuable product  differentiators as well as fatal flaws to avoid – resulting in a refined and improved “blueprint” for product development. 


Refinement of the 7 Building Blocks at Each of the 5 Product Stations With Gen Z Consumers


Concept Refinement

5 product concepts & descriptions presented Critical feedback obtained from consumers to create ideal product name & description.



Consumers reviewed potential benefits specific for each product, including:

  • Whitening
  • Natural
  • Freshness and Cleaning
  • Anti-Cavity
  • Stain Protection
  • Portability



29 Ingredients for Toothpaste and 1 Key ingredient for Anti-Stain Mouth Rinse.


Pack Functionality and Alternative Packaging

Provided various alternatives for both product form and physical packaging.



Examples of different colors as well as product inclusions (including sparkles and large colored flecks) were displayed for the consumers to react to for each product.



  • Multiple flavor options were presented for each product.
  • Consumers were able to smell and taste the stimuli​.



Consumers were able to touch and apply to skin to evaluate textures​.

  • 3 Texture options for Toothpaste
  • 7 Texture options for Mouth Rinse