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Canvas CS-100
Canvassing Consumers For Their New Product Thoughts
A large photography and image sharing company decided to expand their photo tile products to include new materials as a print medium offering. They wanted to gauge consumers’ reactions to this new product and understand how it measured up against their existing options.


Our insights ensured the client will launch the best version of their print material expansion, elevating their photo tile line across the board and (hopefully) increasing new consumer conversion and market share.

Our Approach

Step 1

Curion launched two different Central Location Tests (in San Francisco and Chicago).

Step 2

We found and recruited a balanced group of brand-friendly consumers who had never purchased and consumers who knew and loved the brand’s established tile products. 

Step 3

We replicated how consumers would interact with the product in real life by creating gallery walls for each product material


Step 4

Participants viewed each gallery wall individually. Facilitators first introduced the product concept, then unveiled the photo wall, and finally gave them a sample tile from the gallery to observe while answering in-depth survey questions. 

Step 5

Consumers provided both open-ended and quantitative feedback about picture quality, light retention, and their overall thoughts. 

Step 6

Our moderators uncovered all three product galleries for consumers to compare and rank side-by-side.



Our insights revealed clear direction for consumer-centered product development and improvement. Rather than potentially launching an underperforming product, the client will unveil an expansion that meets (and exceeds!) all expectations.