Food Consulting Group Prevents Market Failure With Agile Product Testing

Group of Kids Eating Frozen Colorful Popsicles in the Summer
Agile Product Testing Prevents Market Failure of New Flavor
Chicago-based food consulting company needed an efficient and agile strategy for testing a new flavor product.


Curion’s product testing with agility enabled our client to salvage their product before launch, mitigating a $100,000 risk.

Our Approach

With Curion’s customized agility product testing, we had the ability to deliver low touch and fast insights for the perfect solution to address our client’s need and drive real market success.


The current flavor varieties outperformed all three new flavors in terms of texture, liking, purchase intent and overall liking. 

New flavor options need further development, and the current flavor options should not be replaced. 

One new flavor was identified as the most viable candidate for a line extension.


With Curion’s product testing with agility, the client was able to mitigate a $100,000 risk and save a product launch that would perform below expectations.

The client had a high incidence sample population, which we were able to leverage our proprietary database to recruit from.

50 respondents were brought in to our facilities for a 30-minute CLT.

Each consumer sampled the current top flavor sellers, along with three new potential flavor offerings and answered a short, 10-question survey.

Curion’s best-in-class Data Services team quickly delivered results to the client within TWO BUSINESS days.