Add to cart: Retail excellence on every aisle

Add to cart Retail excellence on every aisle
Add to cart: Retail excellence on every aisle
We injected insights into every retail decision, from product quality to messaging and store layout, powering unmatched consumer and brand connection just in time for the holidays.


A large national retailer wanted to streamline its private label portfolio and ensure its offerings exceeded customer expectations. After consolidating and optimizing product lines, the client hoped to leverage marketing and product placement to create brand-aligned shopping experiences. To center retail journeys around its brand narrative and products, the grocery line needed to understand consumers’ priorities and mindsets.

Our Approach

Our integrated research approach allowed us to fuel understanding and direction throughout each project stage.

Phase 1

Branding consolidation and quality control:

Phase 2

Consumer experience and path to purchase


Phase 1 Insights

Phase 1’s extensive research revealed a data-backed strategy informing consumer-aligned product line consolidation.

Phase 2 Insights

In Phase 2, we provided heatmap, statistical, and video assets illuminating the areas of the store which are best suited for visibility and identified the messaging most effective for capturing consumer attention and inspiring action.


Our multi-phased partnership empowered a new era of brand awareness and consumer connection for the client, demonstrating the power of insights when applied to each stage of clients’ research journeys.

Our insights not only drove product excellence brand alignment but also highlighted opportunities to invite consumers into this updated narrative.