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Future-proof evolution calls for a fresh take on consumer understanding. We transform data points into robust storylines by combining qualitative, quantitative, sensory, and agile insights and creating dynamic product and packaging narratives. When you can see the whole picture, innovation comes naturally.


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We create insights strategies using our own patented, industry-leading methodologies, from cutting-edge sensory booths to commercial kitchens designed to bring companies and their consumers together. For example, our QSR clients leverage our CLT tasting rooms, focus group areas, Innovation Hub, and state-of-the-art facilities and appliances to transform strategy into reality.  

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For each project and client, we curate a customized strategy utilizing our unique methodologies. Check out the case studies for a peek into how Curion partners with clients to harness the full spectrum of their products’ potential. 

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Open-ended responses hold a distinctive power to unveil hidden insights that quantitative measures might miss. Curion ventured to explore the potential of modifying prompts for open-ended questions to influence the context of consumer responses. This research was selected by the Scientific Committee as a "Top Poster," representing the top 10% of all research presented at Pangborn 2023, showcasing its outstanding contribution to the field.
Two leading factors - fragrance and skinfeel - behind consumer experience have the power to dictate whether a product is embraced or discarded. Research consistently reveals that positive emotions heighten product appeal, while negative feelings deter consumer interest. Blue California partnered with Curion to dive into the emotional landscape of skincare, guided by Russell's Circumplex Model, a large library of fragrance descriptors that formed the foundation for understanding consumer emotions.
While liking is crucial, it's only the tip of the fragrance iceberg. Companies are realizing that fragrance can be harnessed to communicate a range of emotions and functional benefits, thereby amplifying the impact of their products. The collaboration between Blue California and Curion dives deep to understand how leveraging fragrance-emotion relationships can revolutionize product development.