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A Splash of Flavor in Product Testing Excites New Developments in Beverages for Gen Z Consumers

In the dynamic landscape of consumer-packaged goods, staying ahead of the curve requires not only innovation but also a deep understanding of consumer preferences. Curion helps empower leading CPG companies to make critical business decisions through product testing and consumer insights.

Curion created an innovative solution that captures consumer input at the beginning of development, called BluePrint, and it touches on agility and relevance in product development, marketing, and sales strategies. This solution is a consumer co-creation approach that elevates traditional product testing to an interactive and insightful experience.

Kraft Heinz, the original innovator behind flavored water enhancers, teamed up with Curion to develop a novel co-creation method that saved multiple rounds of testing while delivering a product profile that consumers love.

According to Bloomberg, Gen Z’s command $360 billion in buying power, grown from $143 billion from the previous 4 years. In the near future, this generation will fully enter the workforce and maximize their earning potential and spending power.

With their distinct preferences, understanding their desires and motivations is paramount. In this particular example, BluePrint engages Gen Z consumers, primarily aged 18 to 24, in the development process. A diverse sample, encompassing both brand users and general flavored water consumers, ensures comprehensive insights.


Stations of Innovation: Decoding Consumer Preferences

The BluePrint process involves consumer visits to multiple stations, each catering to a different aspect of the product – product concept, flavor, and packaging. These stations allow the participants to provide feedback and “co-create” an innovative product within predefined parameters.


How Clients Triumph in the Marketplace with BluePrint

Armed with innovative insights and research, CPG companies like The Kraft Heinz Company can craft winning strategies. By developing new line extensions that cater to Gen Z’s flavor preferences and desires for authentic sweetness, Kraft was able to secure a competitive edge. BluePrint doesn’t just provide data; it offers a new narrative of consumer motivations, enabling targeted marketing, precise positioning, and impactful sales strategies.


In a landscape where innovation and consumer connection reign supreme, Curion’s BluePrint solution bridges the gap between product development and market success, empowering companies to create products that resonate deeply with their target audience. As the CPG world evolves, embracing unique and custom-built solutions becomes not just a strategy but a necessity for those who seek to win in the market and delight consumers.


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About Curion:

Curion specializes in delivering impactful insights to the world’s top CPG companies, helping them develop winning, repeatedly purchased products. Curion’s deep data-driven product insights, sensory expertise, and state-of-the-art consumer centers enable them to uncover responses to critical client objectives. With over five decades of experience in the product testing industry, Curion is dedicated to guiding clients with their proprietary Product Experience and Performance (PXP™) platform, connecting brands to consumers at every step. An innovator in the industry, Curion recently developed a groundbreaking benchmarking product testing method, the Curion Score™, which has become a trusted and sought after tool within the industry. As one of the largest product and consumer insights companies in the U.S., Curion has built a reputation for excellence and trust among the world’s leading consumer brands. Curion’s commitment to innovation and expertise, coupled with a passion for delivering actionable insights, makes Curion a valuable partner for companies looking to develop and launch successful products.