Michael Nestrud, PhD

VP, Research & Innovation
With over 15 years of Food and Sensory Science experience including a PhD earned from Cornell University, Michael guides Curion forward through his passion and expertise.


A true student of the human experience through the lenses of sensory science and culinary arts, Michael brings 15 years of research and consumer experience from respected establishments like the U.S. Army, Ocean Spray Cranberries, and MNC, a consumer and market research firm he founded and directed. Michael’s impressive career is built on his foundation belief that the strategic application of sensory and consumer research (paired with the right statistical and analysis and interpretation) provide endless potential to answer questions relating to the human experience of consumption, including how products make us think, feel, and behave. Michael’s published work explores topics such as new methods, meal compatibility (specifically MREsTM) multivariate statistics, and the measurement of human emotions associated with consumption. He earned an A.O.S. from the Culinary Institute of America and was a culinary teaching fellow prior to completing his Bachelors and PhD in Food and Sensory Science at Cornell University. In 2020, Michael joined Curion’s team as VP, Partnership Solutions. He additionally serves as an officer the Pangborn Sensory Science Trust and served as a 2017 and 2021 Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium Chair.