Maureen Moran Evans

VP, Strategic Product Insights
With over 20+ years of experience in the Innovation, Product Development, and Sensory Space, Maureen brings to Curion her keen eye for business growth, best practices, testing protocols, and efficient roadmaps for driving business performance.


An avid researcher and strategic leader, Maureen brings 20+ years of expertise cultivated on both the client and supply sides. As a Sensory Scientist at Sara Lee Bakery and as the Product Development and Evaluation NA Lead at Ipsos Innovation, her inquisitive approach with clients, her determination to dig deeply to understand business issues, her strategic thinking married with analytic prowess, and her willingness to explore what is possible have helped Fortune 500 Clients bring successful and profitable products to market. Maureen’s creativity and collaborative approach often provide unique solutions to client questions and challenges that often result in the question of: “We can do that?”

Beyond being a preeminent product testing expert, Maureen can see the big picture, develop best practices and efficient work streams, work across multiple functional areas (commercial, marketing, operations, technology, and analysis), and remain equally committed to the people, process, and outcome.

Maureen is a true leader and cares deeply about the success of her team, colleagues, and clients. She is committed to excellence and efficient thinking in everything she delivers. Maureen truly brings her best in every situation, always looking beyond the status quo to bring new ways to approach challenges and opportunities to maximize growth for her clients and Curion.