Keren Novack

Keren's passion for learning, building client relationships, and delivering research excellence fueled her career journey from account manager to President throughout her years at Curion. Keren plays an integral role in defining Curion culture, expanding our impact, and maintaining our unmatched insights standards.


Keren’s insatiable desire to learn and passion for building client relationships helped her quickly build a reputation at Curion for leadership and excellence. Since she started at Tragon (which merged with QRS to become Curion in 2017), Keren has been creating holistic product narratives, inspiring and empowering other employees, and defining what true research greatness means. As Curion grew from 30 employees to 300, Keren transitioned from VP of Client Services Midwest to President in January 2021.  A true fearless leader to both clients and the Curion team, Keren calls for a new generation of researchers who pursue storytelling excellence with tenacity and determination.