Getting Paid is TREMENDOUS!

As a Curion Consumer we truly value you and we also understand that like any partnership, both parties need to be HAPPY. We also know that a big part of your happiness as a consumer revolves around you attending Curion studies, offering great feedback and in return, Curion paying you for your efforts!  

Paying consumers in person used to be our go-to method at Curion. But physical forms of payment have a few things in common. They are hard to track, difficult to replace and easy to lose. These were some of the many common complaints that we heard from our consumers and so we started looking into alternative methods of payment. It is important to us that all the money you earn is easily available to you, which is why we have made the company-wide upgrade to digital payment. 

Before making this big change to digital payment, we tried it out in a few Curion locations. Curion is a nationwide company with locations around the U.S. including New York, Boston and Chicago – to name a few. In response to Covid-19, Curion changed its consumer payment from on-site, physical payment to digital payment in a few of these locations. This showed our consumers (and us, for that matter) that digital payments are much more transparent and highlighted the overall benefits of using digital payment over physical payment. 

It has been almost two years since we made changes in our test markets, and in those two years we have received lots of consumer input on the upgrade. We take feedback seriously at Curion, and although our initial virtual payment vendor was sufficient, we also wanted to be able to provide some additional options for redemption. So, we found a new platform that is easier to use, has a higher level of customer support and has more redemption options for you, our valued consumers. The new platform is called Tremendous! 

We know that there is a learning curve during any transition period, but we want to make that change as easy as possible for you! CLICK HERE to read our extensive FAQ, along with links to other helpful resources at Tremendous. 

And, as always, should you require assistance on any payment you’ve earned for a study, please contact Curion at (800) 291-1907 with your panelist ID, date and time of survey, and the amount you should have been paid, and we will help you resolve the issue. 

The Curion Consumer Team