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When insights shape each product development phase, Anything is possible.

What drives us? Our clients. Rather than injecting insights into siloed points of the product development process, we elevate clients’ innovation journeys from start to finish. When our end-to-end research approach integrates into ambitious product goals, the results are often revolutionary. We’re featuring how these companies are pushing boundaries, delivering unprecedented consumer experiences, and introducing concepts that further their product categories.

Live Events

Quirks Chicago 2024: Farming Verticals for Innovative Research

Quirks Dallas 2024: What does your brand taste like?

Quirks NY 2023: Agility On The Line: Sweet Insights Are The Icing On The Cake

QSR Summit 2023: Consumer Research - The Key Ingredient at the Forefront of Multi-Million Dollar Decisions

Quirks Chicago 2023: A splash of flavor in product testing excites new developments in beverages

Front End of Innovation 2023: Breaking through in a market of disruptors

Quirks LA 2023: Learn Before You Launch: Reshape Your Productivity And Minimize Risk With Curion Score™

CRC New York 2022: Zaxby’s When Bigger Sample Size Isn’t Better

TMRE 2022: How to test in the context of your category without spending more

Quirks Chicago 2022

Athleta: Harnessing Shopper Empathy


Weird to Win

When Life Gets In The Way: Enjoyment

Agile Consumer Research Leading Innovation

Kickin' Up Jimmy John's Menu

Embrace the Noise

A Holistic Approach Leads to Great Innovation

Gen Z Marketing: Five Key Methods To Capture Attention

Focus Brands: Elevating Innovation

CFBN Partnerships

CFBN Presents Insiders' View: Acquiring and Being Acquired

CFBN Presents the Innovation Factor for Plant-Based Products

A Front Row Seat At The Revolution With Paul Earle

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