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A Front Seat at the Innovation Revolution: Season 1 & 2 Recap

Paul Earle, thought leader and entrepreneur, interviews brilliant and bold people turning things upside down in a consumer world that is still undergoing a full-blown revolution.


Season 1: Featuring the leaders of Magic Spoon, Brightland, Mondelez SnackFutures and Willow, Paul Earle hosts our newest podcast, celebrating the cutting-edge business minds in the CPG marketplace who, by paving new roads and breaking barriers, have mastered connecting with today’s consumer through brilliant innovation.

Episode 1: Crazy, Like A Fox, Gabi Lewis and Magic Spoon 

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Episode 2: It’s a Beauty, Aishwarya Iyer, Founder & CEO of Brightland

Episode 3: The Future Is Bright: Brigette Wolf, head of Mondelez SnackFutures

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Episode 4: A Growing Tree: Deborah Benton, VC and founder of Willow

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Season 2: Paul Earle brings his expertise and all the right questions yet again to A Front Seat at the Revolution, with four new interviews focused on mastermind market disruption. From General Mills “G Works,” FATSO, Noops and Mush, we guarantee each leader’s journey, consumer insight, and entrepreneurial advice will fascinate you.

Episode 1: “Swimming with the Sharks”  Ashley Thompson, co-founder, CEO of MUSH

Episode 2: “General Thrills,” Amol Dixit, head of General Mills “G Works”

Episode 3: “Going Big, for Real,” Jill Van Gyn, founder & CEO of FATSO

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Episode 4:  “Puddin’ on a Show,” Gregory Struck, founder & CEO of Noops

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