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Thanks for scanning our poster at SSP! We’re thrilled you’re interested in diving deeper into the most pressing topics in the sensory space.

This year, Curion is exploring a few of the creative ways companies can leverage insights to innovate, exceed consumers’ expectations, and deliver repeatable delight.

  • The Power of Digital Ethnographies for Innovating Non-Food Products
  • Product & Packaging Optimization To Develop a Winning Formula for a US Launch, a Translational Study
  • An Alternative Drivers of Liking Analysis Approach for Categories with Varied Flavor Offerings
  • An Exploration of Sensory Performance Benchmarking
  • From Idea to Concept to Design: A Cross-Cultural Case Study on a Consumer Co-Creation Approach
  • Meeting the Needs of the Gen Z/Zoomer Generation: Predictive Modeling of the Ideal Snacking Experience

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We’re a sensory and consumer insights firm specializing in applying research to every stage of product development to inform product solutions that address important consumer needs and frustrations. Our aim is to maximize the chance of product success.

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