Curion Hosts the April NCIFT Event

Curion Hosts the April NCIFT Event 150 150 Katie Maslanka

Curion Hosts the April NCIFT Event at its San Francisco Facility

Redwood City, CA – Curion, LLC hosted the Northern California Institute for Food Technology event on April 12th at its San Francisco Metro area facility. Members from around Northern California came to learn more about Curion and Sensory & Consumer Research.

Stations were set up for attendees to put themselves in the consumers’ shoes and participate in various activities, including an in-booth consumer assessment test, an in-booth discrimination test, and the opportunity to interact with a QDA moderator. All activities were modeled similar to how actual respondents and panelists experience the sensory evaluation methodologies.

The highlight of the evening was the keynote address, which was delivered by Joel Sidel, a co-founder of Tragon – one of Curion’s predecessor companies. Sidel, a trained psychologist, and Dr. Herbert Stone, a food scientist, collaborated to understand consumer behavior and their responses to various sensory experiences. Together they defined the standard on advancing sensory evaluation as an industry method of measuring and understanding customer perception. From their work, Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA) ® was born—a new way of understanding and using sensory evaluation. According to Sarah Choe, Curion’s Manager of Sensory & Consumer Insights, “This was a special opportunity for NCIFT members to hear about Joel Sidel’s perspective on the QDA methodology. Members were also able to ask questions regarding their industry applications of the method directly to Sidel himself, whose feedback is invaluable.”

NCIFT attendees also had the opportunity to explore the facility and follow a self-guided tour to learn about the history of sensory and consumer research, news and facts about Curion, and view Curion’s San Francisco facility.


Photogrophy Credits: Katerina Maslanka & Elaine Chow