Fragrance Expertise

qPOD® Aroma & Fragrance Testing

Our Proprietary qPOD® Fragrance & Aroma Testing Technology

US patents 9,021,860 and 9,696,287

The Curion qPOD® is engineered with a specialized Air Handling System (HVAC) to simulate authentic and consistent fragrance and aroma moments that consumers experience every day, without cross-contamination or bias:

  • Aroma
  • Fine & Body Care Air “Trail”
  • Air Ambiance “Effects”
  • Performance Studies
  • Malodor Control
  • Longevity
  • Warm Sudsy “Bloom” Effects

We led the development of multifunctional Fragrance Booths.

  • 10 booths with identical laundry facilities, dishwasher kitchen and boutique sinks
  • Special HVAC settings and lighting
  • Surfaces that do not absorb fragrances
  • Fully wired with audio visual
Multifunctional Fragrance Testing Booth
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Our qPOD® technology captures the fragrance & aroma character with quality “in-use air effects” or “in-use like” warm sudsy bloom not seen previously without an “in-use” evaluation and cross-contamination.

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All consumers smell the same experience due to the technology’s engineering and consistent protocols providing reliable results across all test locations. Also, there are no potential differences from human application errors. Our simple scent refreshment schedule permits all to experience the identical moment of truth.

Use of electronic tablets for data entry provides a better design – consumers easily engage naturally with the qPOD® throughout their assessment. Tablets can also be valued for media assessments.

Icon: Eliminates Bias

Eliminates Bias

The Technology eliminates cross-contamination for an unbiased “clean” test. Measured Fragrance dose is applied within the interior chamber and intellectual property protected (eliminating visual color and dosage bias.)

Icon: Safety, Speed & Savings

Safety, Speed & Savings

The Technology eliminates product contact with skin, permitting the evaluation of formulations not currently safety approved. Faster turnaround and fewer resources needed than arm tests.