Policies and Procedures

Per Curion’s Terms and conditions, excessive No-Show or Same Day Cancel behavior will affect a consumer’s good standing/active status. Each No-Show (an instance where a consumer does not attend their scheduled session and did not contact Curion to cancel or reschedule) or Same Day Cancel will trigger an automated email stating that the consumer did not attend a scheduled session. If a consumer has three (3) instances in which they are deemed as No-Show or Same Day Cancel within a 60-day timeframe, that consumer will be automatically suspended for 60 days, during which time they will not be invited to upcoming surveys. If the consumer has more than one (1) instance of suspension for poor attendance, Curion reserves the right to permanently suspend the consumer at the discretion of the Facility or Recruiting Manager.

To avoid Same Day Cancellation penalties, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your session via phone at (800) 291-1907 or reschedule your appointment online at https://curionpanelist.com/Portal/Default. We encourage you to log into the portal first to cancel if you’re unable to participate. If you are unable to cancel through your portal/account, please call (800) 291-1907. Note that leaving a message may not ensure avoiding being deemed a Same Day Cancel.  It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that Curion is properly informed 24 hours in advance of a scheduled survey if the consumer will not be in attendance.

Curion makes its best efforts to have each consumer participate in studies for which they have qualified.

Curion reserves the right to enact its “Pay and Send” policy due to situations including but not limited to, cancelled studies, product availability, etc.

In these instances, consumers will receive 50% of the intended study compensation (a minimum payment of $25 and a maximum payment of $75) and will not be required to participate in their scheduled study.

“Pay and Send” payments are processed following Curion’s standard timeline and will be delivered via email within 48-72 hours from study completion.