Consumer Panel

Join a Consumer Panel

Yes, you can make a difference in what’s available on the market. How? By joining one of our consumer product-testing panels.

We test a variety of products from different categories, including food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care, home care, and others. Most panels require only a short commitment of time in comfortable surroundings. And you get paid for your effort.

Protecting the health and safety of our panelists, employees and community is our top priority

As coronavirus/COVID-19 is increasingly top of mind, we’ve had some inquiries about the steps we might take in the event that it continues to spread. The good news is that, to date, cases in our area have been limited. So, for now, we are paying particular attention to preventative measures. We do want to assure you, though, that we have a plan in place if that changes and will continue to update our approach as more information becomes available.

Continued Prevention

At Curion, we take the health and welfare of our employees, clients and panelists very seriously. We maintain a clean environment with overlapping practices designed to mitigate the spread of contagions. Every facility is cleaned nightly and all testing booths and focus group rooms are sanitized between each session of panelists.

  1. ALL employees serving food wear gloves and change them based on food safety certification guidelines.
  2. Sick employees and contractors are requested to stay home.
  3. Hand sanitizer is available in lobbies and in the kitchens at all facilities.
  4. Each facility is cleaned every night by contracted, professional cleaning companies.
  5. Key primary surfaces a panelist interacts with are disinfected between sessions. These include: Testing booths, Chairs, Keyboards, Mouse, Keypads, Kiosks, Door handles, Serving trays, etc.
Expanded Prevention

Due to the nature of the Coronavirus situation, we are implementing additional cleaning crews to sanitize the entire facility on a weekly basis. In addition, as we interact with panelists, whether online or in person, we are instituting enhanced screening protocols designed to reduce the incidence of interacting with infected persons.

  1. All Curion owned locations are deep cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized with bleach, weekly.
  2. An email will be sent to registered participants prior to the study requesting that ‘if you or anyone in your family are feeling unwell or running a temperature please do not attend the facility for your registered session’.
    • Panelists who have traveled outside of the US in the Past 14 days are restricted from participating in studies
  3. We will request each panelist to use hand sanitizer as they enter and exit the building.
  4. If panelist show visible signs of illness, we will excuse and compensate him/her according to the study protocol.
  5. At check in, a sign will be posted by the kiosks inquiring ‘Are you feeling sick, or do you have any illness symptoms? If yes, please inform the front desk’. If so, we will excuse and compensate him/her.
  6. All lobby attendants will wear gloves and change them per recommended guidelines.

We’ll share updates with you, as necessary, until the virus is considered contained.

In Event of Confirmed Cases

With confirmed cases on the rise, we have planned our response if we receive confirmation of cases of coronavirus in our workforce or communities. In the instance of a confirmed case within our workforce or community, we will follow CDC and public health directions closely.

We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following guidelines from these agencies and the local health departments.

We will continue to adhere to the guidance provided by The ASTM (, The World Health Organization ( and Federal and State health organizations.

This is uncharted territory for all of us. Your participation is very important to us. We’ll take all prudent actions to meet our responsibilities to you while keeping our facilities, workplace and communities safe. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us.

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