Consumer Panel

Join a Consumer Panel

Yes, you can make a difference in what’s available on the market. How? By joining one of our consumer product-testing panels.

We test a variety of products from different categories, including food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care, home care, and others. Most panels require only a short commitment of time in comfortable surroundings, at one of our state of the art facilities. And you get paid for your effort.

Curion’s Certified Safety Protocol Post COVID-19

Our continued promise to staff, clients and consumers is to hold ourselves to a gold standard of safety protocols and continue to provide authentic insights. Our mission has been heightened due to the pandemic. Therefore, we are implementing new and enhanced safety and cleaning standards as we prepare to reopen our facilities.

Meet Our Safety Officer

Under the leadership of our safety officer, Tammy Ciliberti, our Facilities Reopening Taskforce and facilities managers will be ready for our reopening. Tammy has been with Curion for the past 11 years, and has led our testing facilities to be best in class. As Curion’s safety officer, she will continue to direct our facility operations, conduct ongoing training for staff and ensure all new safety and cleaning protocols are being maintained. As our government liaison, she is working to ensure we are up to code, all processes are being maintained, and staff has appropriate certifications.

Meet Our Taskforce

Our facilities reopening taskforce is comprised of experienced professionals in the field who are taking no measure too lightly. They are working closely with many clients, staff and local counties to ensure our facility readiness. Together with our Facilities Reopening Taskforce, safety officer, kitchen staff, and the entire client services team, we will be ready.

Our continued excellence is exemplified through our partnerships, government relationships and staff.

You’ll notice many changes; we are allowing fewer consumers to enter our facilities at any given time—from the lobby, to our booths, kitchen and in our focus group rooms. We’re automatically spacing chairs within the booth areas to provide enough space for distancing. We’re requiring all employees to wear masks, and we are making masks and gloves available to our consumers and clients. Of course, these measures are in addition to our state-of-the-art sanitization  procedures, and extra precautions—for example, taking any person’s temperatures before entering, to protect consumers and colleagues in our facilities.

Government Relationships

Curion is proactively taking steps to implement new processes and safety measures in conjunction with government guidelines. Curion’s Safety Officer is our liaison representative; they are following federal, state and local government agencies, and individuals, to ensure proper protocol is being met at each facility during this time of great change.

Certified Partnerships

We are working closely with Curion’s certified partner facilities as they prepare to reopen their facility locations. We will continue to work together and stay in touch to ensure that proper protocol is being followed and all safety measures are being taken to meet our new safety standards and action plan.

Dedicated Staff

Extensive training is being conducted for all facilities and kitchen staff with the rollout of our new safety procedures. Sanitization of all kitchen surfaces, monitors, keypads will be increased on an ongoing basis and between sessions, and all kitchen staff is required to wear protective gear that has been provided.

The health, safety and overall welfare of our clients, our panelists and our staff are of most importance to us.

Consumer Panelists

Studies allow consumers to have a purpose and voice. In a recent Curion survey, consumer panelists have an increased interest in participating in market research studies. Under the leadership of our Safety Officer and taskforce, an end-to-end audit of a consumer’s journey was conducted. As a result, Curion has updated its recruiting methods to ensure only healthy individuals enter our facilities. Upon arriving, a certified healthcare professional will check consumers for overall wellbeing.

Lobby Updates

Safety measures begin in our lobbies; hired additional staff will sanitize lobbies and restrooms between sessions while also limiting lobby seating. Disinfectant wipes have been installed throughout our lobbies, along with a protective shield at all front desk check-ins. In addition to daily cleaning and upkeep, a deep cleaning of all facilities will occur twice a week. Moving forward, satisfaction stands will now be digitally available with QR codes.

Testing Booth

Testing areas will now undergo in-depth cleaning between sessions. Staff has been trained on additional cleaning measures to disinfect keyboards, iPads, chairs and all booth surfaces. To ensure proper social distancing regulations are met, consumers must now skip over one booth from the consumer next to them before being seated. At each booth station, gloves, a disposable iPad stylus, a wrapped cracker and a bottle of water will be provided.

Product Packages

To limit all risks, once testing products, all packages will need to be striped, wiped down and individually sanitized, where possible, before being inventoried and stored. Our Safety Officer and teams will discuss the estimated time of arrivals, product handling, and storing needs, to ensure the safety of our staff and consumers—and the safety and proper handling of your product.

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