Curion Prevents Market Failure Of New Dish Soap Formula With qPod® Capability

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Curion Prevents Market Failure Of New Dish Soap Formula With qPod® Capability
Knowing that fragrance is a key driver of repurchase, the fastest growing global organic soap brand was looking to increase repeat purchase among consumers by increasing ingredient levels in two of their liquid dish soap scents.


Fragrance testing among current and potential new formulas using Curion’s qPod® capability for the fastest growing global organic dish soap brand led to a new, improved, and stronger fragrance level product that is driving repeat purchases among product users, doubling the expected rate.

Our Approach

In order to isolate the fragrances of each and test their new formulas against the originals, Curion used our state of the art qPOD® technology. To replicate in use, both products’ scent were released into the innovative aroma chambers and participants recorded their reactions and senses.


Consumers recorded a strong base odor, and weak level of fragrance within the new formula.

Both products scored slightly higher through qPODs® than neat out of the bottle.

The prototype of Fragrance B tested slightly better than Fragrance A overall.


Their new version of the product with increased fragrance levels has since gone
to market and performed very well next to their original product line, doubling our client’s rate of repeat purchase.


200 consumers who previously used the products in their homes were recruited.


Participation included a two-part interactive sensory study


Consumers were asked questions surrounding odor, fragrance, and parity after each product evaluation.


This process was repeated for both fragrances of the dish soap, and then compared against current formulas.